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July 7, 2014

Moving, at the best times, has its share of trials and tribulations. Moving an office feels like it is substantially compounded.

There was the month of prepping the space itself - it was actually a simple part of the process as the space itself was in good shape - just need some fresh and colourful paint on the walls. A little additional costs added to that for redoing our signage for inside the office (brushed nicked version of our logo) - and we also redid the branding on our car as well (finally using the newest rendition of our logo and colours).

The actual move of office gear was not too bad either as we moved some non-essentials in the week prior, and then moved the workstations over two hours the Friday before we were officially in the space.

The following Monday (day before Canada Day) things got a bit interesting... that's putting it mildly, it was the beginning of losing my testimony for the better part of a week I'd say. Our ISP botched it - we were booked for hooking up Internet & phones (including porting our phone number) a month in advance - however, it was NEVER assigned to an actual installation crew. No big deal, right? They'd just make us a priority and get us on Wednesday... wrong. Earliest confirmed booking was 10 days out - not gonna work for us.

Aside - we have a couple of clients on the same floor of our new building. I called in a favour and connected an Airport Extreme to their network to give us a strong Wifi signal - this allowed us to try to get back to work again. Thanks to Jordan at Sibola Mountain Falling for the hand up during this trying week.

Had to have our crew stay home on the Wednesday while I tried to get the other ISP in town to save us. Things were looking good, but then I was not getting called back to book an appointment. So, as it turns out, they'd reset my previous phone service and that killed the call forwarding that was going to my cell. Well crap!

Turns out they could fit us in on the coming weekend at half the speed and twice the price. Seeing as they might show up it was a 'no brainer'.

Lunch time rolls around last Friday and I got a call from an installation tech from ISP #1 - he can be here in 20 minutes and get us online today. Hmmm, I didn't want to say yes on principle, but twice the speed and half the price is difficult to walk away from. So that was the game plan - feeling like the cosmos was getting back to normal I planned on getting back to the office on the weekend so I could wire up the network cabling (now that I knew where the modem was).

It's been years since I'd taken the A+ & Network+ certifications, and hadn't used either since really. I should've been far less confident than I was. So, cabling and I are not on the best of terms. First, got the jacks wired wrong, then the plugs, then figured out I was not using all the right pieces for the plugs. Then I thought our server was in trouble as I'd plugged in an old router that we hadn't used in some time. Turns out it's a piece of crap.

This morning, crimped a couple of plugs, ran a quick connection test and we're good to go. Our network speeds are at full capacity and I feel like I should get to spend the rest of the day at the pub as recompense for the bog that I waded through this past week. Rod & Jesse were great and quite patient through it all. Esther put up with a lot this past week - a plethora of apocalyptic rants from yours truly was in abundance. But we made it. How do I know we made it? Because the new phones rang for the first time at the new office today.

Ladies and gentleman, gives us a call (250.561.8761), drop us a line (), stop in to see us (315 - 1717 3rd Aveune). We've moved. It's a great little space with a few custom quirks thrown in for good measure. We've got a funky little meeting table (work in progress), the Tassimo is up and running (selection growing) and we'd love to have a few visits.



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